Direct Mail Newspaper & Tabloids Directories  

Direct Mailings – Convenient full color letter size coupon books and high image tri-fold oversized mailers are designed and mailed to consumers, using target marketing, area demographics and merchant input, on a quarterly basis.

Center Marketing – Our co-operative direct mailers are designed to include only merchants from the center extending discounts to enhance and increase sales for their own business which also creates a one stop shopping place for the consumer. Both new and existing customers to our shopping centers enjoy receiving our mailings on a quarterly basis.

Results for the past 7 years have consistently proven an overall 8%-21% redemption for each shopping center. Our marketing program has proven to reach many new customers, creating what we anticipate, as a shopping pattern for life. Existing customers have proven their loyalty throughout the year, and continue shopping when no discount is advertised in between quarterly mailings. Many of our merchants have been quoted to say, “The shopping center mailing is by far, the most successful advertising that we’ve done for our business”!

When trying to reach the local customer and consumer, print publications become a very effective marketing tool. By reaching thousands of homes with one publication, many communities surrounding the shopping center are exposed to the commodities offered at this location. As a marketing tool, when reaching so many individuals with one form of media, not only are readers exposed to the merchandise offered, but there is a greater chance that they are also exposed to the marketing-related programs, events and projects developing at the center, resulting in an overall increase in customer traffic. With high readership and high target audiences, Newspapers are very effective and relatively inexpensive way to market the individual shopping centers.

Ever been lost in a shopping center and want to know where certain stores are located? Can't find one of the two site maps that are scattered throughout the property? NewMark Merrill can help! We design, print and place in store directories in each of our shopping centers to minimize confusion and make shopping enjoyable for our customers. These directories are placed in every store located within the center and are for the customer to take or for the tenant to use as a reference for other store locations within the center upon the customers request. Not only does this help the customer find their way around the shopping center, but it also acts as a great marketing tool that helps stores to cross promote