Merchant Meetings Newsletters 20% Club Rewards  

Every quarter, NewMark Merrill conducts merchant meetings with several properties to discuss upcoming marketing events and promotions with the tenants. In addition, tenants are informed of property management issues including upgrades, landscaping and improvements planned for the center. Merchant meetings not only promote center wide participation between the tenants, but it also allows for ongoing communication between the tenants and the landlord.

Each month, NewMark Merrill designs and distributes colorful newsletters to all of its centers informing the tenants of new property issues and providing marketing updates. Marketing events, property management issues and property contacts are listed for tenant references, as participation services are sometimes requested. Newsletters are also used as a means to welcome new tenants to the centers, which in turn allows existing tenants to remain aware of their neighboring tenants and welcome them as they arrive.

NewMark Merrill requests that all of its tenants report their sales to the corporate office so that we may monitor the success or tribulations of each individual store. If a drastic decrease in sales is reported, NewMark Merrill takes appropriate steps to help the individual tenant in increasing their sales for the next month. NewMark Merrill also recognizes and rewards those tenants that have done extremely well and have an increase of sales of 20% or more when compared to the same month of the year prior. If a tenant's sales have increased 20% or more from the same month one year prior, NewMark Merrill gives that tenant $100 cash and a certificate recognizing their membership as NewMark Merrill's 20% Club Winner for a particular month.