Monthly Archives: November 2021

Data Mining Yields Results For Landlords

Historically, gathering data required landlords and managers to physically visit sites, and data insights would likely have been skewed based on time of day for the visit, momentary traffic variables or incomplete sales reports. Today’s technology automatically captures much more complete data related to consumer demographics and …

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Retail winners of past year: Target, Best Buy, and dollar stores

During a three-hour webinar yesterday, foot traffic analyst, itself a big winner over the past year, asked panelists to name the retail brands they thought conquered the pandemic. Topping the list were Target and Best Buy. “Best Buy was ahead of the curve. They really nailed it. …

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Experts Talk ICSC Convention; Pent-Up Customer Demand

LAS VEGAS—Overall, the retail market is in a very healthy space as essential retailers have been thriving. So says Mike Sladich, regional director and partner of Stan Johnson. spoke with Sladich among a few other retail experts about all things retail in preparation for the upcoming ICSC – Here, We …

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Is the Retail Market Performing Better Than You Think?

LAS VEGAS—ICSC – Here, We Go. 2021 is fast approaching. The Las Vegas conference will include networking with dealmakers, changemakers and innovators, gatherings and meetups with like-minded professionals. caught up with a few retail heavy hitters to talk all things retail. Michelle Schierberl, SVP of Stream, for example, tells …

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Man holding shopping bags with presents

Department Stores and Retail Traffic: There’s No Time Like the Holidays

Department stores and their investors are anticipating a great holiday season at their properties after a pandemic-long slog. Pre-pandemic, there was a fairly widespread sentiment against the continued value of the department store. And with news around store closings and bankruptcy proceedings dominating headlines in the last year and a half, it’s …

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