Award goes to Newmark Merrill chief for aiding tenants during the pandemic

Immediate actions taken by Sandy Sigal on behalf of his tenants in March 2020 have resulted in him being honored this week by the California Business Properties Association.

When centers were shuttered at the onset of the pandemic, the CEO of Woodland Hills, Calif.-based Newmark Merrill launched the “Together We Can” program that helped small businesses secure local, state, and federal funding through programs like the Paycheck Protection Program. By the time business came back, the company had helped some 400 tenants collect more than $24 million in assistance.

For his actions, Sigal will be presented the Ernest W. Hahn Award at the CPBA’s Awards Dinner. The award is given to an individual or organization that goes above and beyond the call of duty to have an impact on real estate-related legislative, regulatory, or public policy issues.

“The opportunity to work with CBPA and ensure policymakers understand the needs of our merchants and legislation that can help support their success was and will continue to be a real difference maker for all of us,” Sigal said. “To succeed in our business today we need to stay connected to legislation as it is initiated and make sure we provide early input.”

Sigal continues to aid provide aid to local groups through “Wave of Kindness,” a program in which Newmark Merrill has partnered with its tenants in giving back to first responders, emergency room staff, educators, the under-housed, and seniors.

To date, Wave of Kindness events have raised more than $500,000 for some 13,000 families in its shopping center communities.

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