Best Places to Work

Ah the office. For the last two months most of us have not been to our company’s physical headquarters or satellite branches — wherever it was that we would hang our hat during the workday, pre-coronavirus. What those workspaces will look like as we return will undoubtedly be different as social distancing is still necessary. In the long run, it is even more unclear what form those four walls will take. But an office is not the same as the company itself. That will be abundantly clear, if it isn’t already, as you read through the following pages of our selection of the Best Places to Work. While amenities are always nice — and certainly many of our nominees provide some cutting-edge ones — a Best Place to Work is a far more encompassing concept, including such matters as how employees are treated, the tenor of the corporate culture and the relationship the CEO and executives have within the enterprise and outside of it. We choose those firms that best fit that criteria and we would bank that as their employees return to the office — with appropriate safety measures in place — that they are happy to be there.

NewMark Merrill Cos.

As a family-oriented company, retail brokerage firm NewMark Merrill Cos. wants everyone to know each other and it takes every opportunity to bring people together. Employees are treated to holiday parties, teambuilding events and company-wide events, including philanthropic efforts and departmental and corporate training programs with both in-house and external experts. As a result, employees not only get plenty of engagement. but they also have the opportunity for advancement and growth. “NewMark Merrill has the culture that provides each of us the opportunity to better ourselves and grow within the organization,” says Tim Murphy, senior director of marketing and technology. We are encouraged to be creative, think outside the box and be the best version of ourselves. They support us taking classes, attending seminars and enhancing our education to continue to grow.”
Newmark Merrill is also constantly striving to better itself for employees. The company regularly increases benefits, adding more vacation and holiday time and an increased 401K match as well as special enhancements, like virtual doctors. To better its policies and practices, the company has an innovation task force that implements new strategics. “The company is constantly looking to improve by reflecting on every component of the business,” explains Susan Rorison, the company’s COO. “NewMark Merrill has a succinct and thoughtful mission, incorporates quick and streamlined decision-making and has the ability to recognize the strengths of the firm and its build upon them.”

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