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We’re Committed To Our Community

Welcome Back! Over the past few months while many of our stores were closed to aid in and do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, we implemented a well thought out, detailed plan of how we would welcome our customers back with health and safety top of mind.

As you tour our properties and return to your favorite restaurants and stores you will notice that we have implemented new signage that will aid in remaining 6 feet apart from those in the community you do not know well. These have been implemented in our common areas as well as for lines that may form outside of retailers. We also have COVID-19 Prevention reminder signage – wash your hands frequently, six feet is the sweet spot, wearing a face covering is for you and your community’s protection and in order to keep others safe please stay home if you are feeling sick. We also have automatic hand sanitizer stations throughout the property for use by all customers.

A dedicated person has been charged with cleaning high touch areas and will remain on-property for the foreseeable future. Curbside Parking areas have been designated and will remain even as retail stores allow in-person shopping. These amenities are provided for convenience as well as for the vulnerable population and those who do not feel it is their time to enter a store, just yet.

Finally, we remain committed to following the guidelines established by the CDC and OSHA for both the shopping centers and providing the information for our merchants. We look forward to seeing you back out at our NewMark Merrill Companies’ properties!

Small Business financial support and resources


  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program Information


As stay at home orders are modified and we continue to welcome back more customers, linked below is information on center procedures and helpful guidelines for your consideration.

Large Centers

Medium Centers

Small Centers


Communication with Our Tenants


Please click on the links below to see a copy of our communications to our tenants and communities:

Letter to our merchants on Feb 11th
On February 11th, we sent a message to our Illinois tenants updating them on the progression to Phase 4 that the Illinois Department of Public Health announced last week which now allows gatherings of up to 50 people and additional capacity upgrades for different types of businesses, including our retailers, restaurants, and gyms.

Letter to our merchants on Feb 5th
On February 5th, we sent a letter to our merchants giving them more information on the latest funding options available for their business, such as PPP Round 2 application information, the Small Business Administration (SBA) covering your loan payments for 6 months, and the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grand Program where businesses can qualify for grants up to $25,000.

Letter to our merchants on Jan 27th
On January 27th, we sent an update to our tenants in California as Governor Newsom announced that he was lifting the stay-at-home orders which means our shopping centers would move back to the purple tier allowing hair and nail salons to reopen as well as allowing restaurants to offer outdoor dining options for our customers. More information for each county in CA was shared as well as more additional details regarding the Paycheck Protection Plan.

Letter to our merchants on Jan 14th
On January 14th, we invited our tenants to join us for an exclusive webinar we sponsored with Retail Smart Guys helping tenants figure out how to take the steps to make up for 2020 and set them up for future success in 2021.

Letter to our merchants on Jan 13th
On January 13th, we sent a letter to our merchants sharing additional information released by the SBA for the second round of PPP funding along with additional information and different requirements for first time vs. second time loan applications. We urged our tenants to reach out to their banks to start inquiring about the application process and provided a resource in A10 Capital if they needed help applying and didn’t have a current banking relationship or one that would not accept applications.

Letter to our merchants on Jan 5th
On January 5th, we sent a letter to our merchants urging them to reach out to their banks to inquire about the next round of PPP funding as more information on lending guidelines is shared with the banks and we also shared information on the COVID-19 Relief Grants Program that is available to California small businesses and non-profits which offers grants of $5,000 to $25,000.

Letter to our merchants on Dec 30th
On December 30th, we sent a letter to our merchants updating them on the passage of the newest stimulus package into law by President Trump which means tenants should start working with their banks to prepare their applications for submission for the 2nd round of Paycheck Protection Programs funds. We also shared some trend analysis and future outlook information from Retail Smart Guys.

Letter to our merchants on Dec 22nd
On December 22nd, we updated our tenants with some details on the latest stimulus package recently passed by Congress which includes $284 billion in Payroll Protection Program funds available to small businesses which can turn from a loan into a grant to cover things like payroll, rent, and other operational costs. If you need help with your PPP application, we also shared information on how to get in touch with A10 Capital or visit the COVID-19 section of our website for more information.

Letter to our community on Dec 3rd
On December 3rd, we sent a letter to our communities asking them to help support our small businesses by shopping local, picking up take out from our restaurants, using our designated pick up zones where our retailers can bring your order directly out to your car, explaining the different precautions we are taking to help keep our centers safe when you visit, and how our shopping centers can be your one stop shopping location for all of your needs.

Letter to our merchants on Dec 2nd
On December 2nd, we sent a letter to our tenants outlining several programs available to help tenants in California, including the California Rebuilding Fund, a $500 million COVID Relief Grant, the Tax Relief for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Executive Order, and the Keep LA County Dining program, among other things intended to support small businesses.

PPP Loans Round 2.0

Simple Walkthrough for First and Second Time Borrowers

Retail Smart Guys and Newmark Merrill Companies, Inc.

How to Make 2021 Make Up For 2020

We are here for you, aligned with you, and working hard to get through this together. As always, if you need anything or have any questions, please Contact Us or call us at 818.710.6100 to speak with a NewMark Merrill representative directly. We look forward to seeing you onsite very soon!