LA Times: Commercial Real Estate Visionaries

Commercial real estate, not unlike numerous other industries, has gone through unprecedented challenges over the past few years. And, yet, almost halfway through 2024, the Southern California commercial real estate sector has proven to be resilient, not just surviving but thriving.

Current trends indicate a strong, steady recovery and it’s thanks to the resolve and savvy of CRE
professionals – including executives, lenders, builders and professional service advisors – that there is cause for an optimistic outlook.

Their keen intuition has steered their companies on the path to sustained growth, and they deserve recognition here as visionaries who have demonstrated noteworthy successes and accomplishments during the last 24 months, strong leadership throughout the span of his/her career and community involvement that contributes beyond their organization.

Sandy Sigal’s work at NewMark Merrill Companies makes him known for his drive and expertise. Serving as chief executive officer and president at NewMark Merrill, he leads a dynamic team overseeing the development and ownership of shopping centers across Southern California, Colorado and Illinois. With a robust portfolio valued at over $2.5 billion and comprising 95 shopping centers, Sigal drives the company’s growth and strategic vision. He is committed to championing the survival of small businesses, dedicating countless hours to engaging with local and state policymakers to address industry challenges. Sigal also spearheaded impactful community initiatives like “Together We Can,”aimed at supporting tenants through the pandemic and “Wave of Kindness,” fostering partnerships with local entities to aid frontline workers, educators and underserved populations.

Mark Sigal serves as chief executive officer at Datex Property Solutions, leading the company’s growth, client relations, product development and business strategy. Under his leadership, Datex has achieved remarkable growth in sales, recurring revenues and client acquisition, driven by its purpose-based approach to real estate portfolio management. Sigal takes pride in the advancements made by Datex’s R&D team, particularly in enhancing automation, unstructured data management and custom reporting features. These include innovations like a leasing automation system tailored for retail, a CRM system designed for retail portfolios and ad hoc reporting tools for flexible KPI tracking. With a writing and communications background, he has written for publications and on his blog, The Network Garden, sharing insights on technology and business.

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