The Healthcare Marketplace – Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Some healthcare providers are taking their clinics out of traditional medical campuses and into California’s hottest retail centers, blurring the lines between patient and consumer.

Convenience may be key for today’s popular healthcare tenants, but their presence can be less than appreciated by some shopping center staples. Sandy Sigal, president and CEO of Newmark Merrill in Woodland Hills, is keenly aware of these lease restrictions, parking logistics and, often times, the stigma that can come with the perception that healthcare tenants may result in contagious diseases or “sick” people entering a center. While every tenant’s concerns should be heard, he believes this is a different retail environment – one that can benefit from a diversity of uses, a few precautions and some general education that can dispel many of the myths about healthcare consumers.

“In a world of fewer retail users and smaller tenant sizes, the composition of shopping centers will include more services, medical, entertainment, fitness, etcetera, all in one place to maximize the consumer experience and convenience,” he believes. “I think dedicated parking, dedicated entrances and grouping medical tenants together, entertainment in other areas, food in others, will provide a neighborhood within each center that will protect the community, yet promote convenience.”

An extract from California Centers – September 2018
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Author: Nellie Day