NewMark Merrill COMPANIES - Celebrating 20 Years!

About Newmark Merrill

NewMark Merrill Companies, Inc. is owned by President and Chief Executive Officer, Sanford D. Sigal. Since 1997, he has led NewMark Merrill in a community leadership role at the company’s shopping centers in more than 45 cities throughout California, Colorado and Illinois. NewMark Merrill Companies works very hard to ensure that our shopping centers are successful for our tenants and the community.

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Our Mission

The mission of NewMark Merrill Companies, Inc. is to connect with our customers through community leadership and support, to create authentic environments in which our tenants have an unsurpassed opportunity to achieve the American dream, and to proudly share passion and knowledge with our team members, to inspire opportunity through creativity and imagination.

Our Team

We’re passionate about working with shopping centers, and proud of our solid reputation for integrity, creativity and vision. Retailers, investors and the communities we work with all appreciate how our decades of experience acquiring, developing and managing retail centers translates into a deep understanding of what it takes to help centers and retailers succeed.

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Our Services

Property Management

A professional team of managers experienced in all phases of retail management, with hands-on involvement by NewMark Merrill principals.

Design & Construction

Analysis and planning of structural design for a cost effective and eye-catching development.

Financial Services

A professional accounting staff knowledgeable in commercial retail financing, accounting practices, and balance sheet analysis.

Retail Marketing

Targeted marketing programs, including advertising and special event promotions, to draw new and repeat retail customers.