Retail Technology

Leaders in Shopping Center Technology

For more than 20 years, NewMark Merrill has championed the innovation of retail technology through its own technology division. In 2016, Sandy Sigal, NewMark Merrill’s CEO, was recognized by Ernst & Young as the Entrepreneur of the year for his cutting-edge work in moving commercial real estate proptech forward. Our proprietary innovations have pioneered successful data-driven property management, financial performance and marketing outcomes.

A Visualization of the Customer Journey

Our Minds are All Over the Place

The question is, are yours? We use location-tracking technology in order to define your trade area and, more importantly, how to beat the competition. All so we can be of greater value to you.It’s that simple.

We’re Seeing Stars

The question is, are you? Our social analysis program uses artificial intelligence to read every customer review, understand what our customers think about us and identify trends in service, quality and environment. We then use that feedback to make our retailers the best that they can be, leading to more guest visits and sales. They ultimately become the true stars in their neighborhoods. We take shooting for the stars literally.

Only Leaders Have Followers

You can’t be a leader without followers and the only way to get followers is to lead. NewMark Merrill leads with its loyalty. We invest in our retailers’ success and are there for them when they need us. they return the favor. Are your customers following you?

As it Turns Out, You Can Buy Love

Investing in technology allows us to better understand our customers and provide the opportunity to earn their loyalty. By using our wifi analytics and our merchant centric tool, we can tell who loves us. then take the steps to earn even more love. Now that’s a love thing.

Invaluable Insights

Analysis of the data collected through technology informs every aspect of how we do business, from financial decisions and leasing strategy to marketing direction. This approach has proven beneficial across our portfolio, allowing us to implement best practices and to pivot quickly when necessary to ensure the success of our tenants, clients, third-party owners and partners.

Technology in motion, whenever you need it

Springboard Map

Springboard creates custom traffic reports based on customer movement throughout the shopping centers.

Merchant Centric data

Merchant Centric delivers full visibility and aggregate analysis of all shopping center and online merchant reviews.

Our Tech Portfolio

We continue to lead the industry in technology investment and data collection with retail-focused programs including:

BrightStreet Ventures


BrightStreet Ventures is NewMark Merrill’s PropTech venture arm where we focus on developing new technology platforms that leverage our advantages as shopping center owners and managers. We do this two ways. One, by “eating our own dog food” in scouring the market for technology solutions that solve real world problems. Two, by actively investing in and assisting startups, both directly and through our network of thousands of real estate portfolio owners and operators.

datex property management logo

Datex Property Solutions

Datex is a real estate portfolio management platform that integrates your MRI or Yardi data to transform operations for your whole team through actionable reporting, intelligent automation and insights for all. The platform is proven in the field for 20+ years, and on average, clients have 4-6 departments using Datex every day, and save over $1MM in overhead by tapping into the power of their data. logo

The most advanced foot traffic analytics platform on the market, allows corporate and on-site teams to instantly generate insights into a property for a deeper understanding of the factors that drive success. From maximizing acquisitions to optimizing leasing efforts and improving marketing, empowers us to make better decisions with objective, reliable data.

Springboard logo


Specializing in video-based technology that provides consumer and vehicular traffic patterns specific to properties, Springboard’s seamless integration delivers important data and insights to support our corporate executives, managers and retailers. Facets include monitoring customer numbers into and within the shopping center, customer demographics, sales performance by day, and even live occupancy counts to grow revenue, support retailers and maximize each tenant’s value.

Merchant Centric logo

Merchant Centric

A tool that empowers tenants to create meaningful connections with shoppers in each respective market, Merchant Centric provides actionable operational intelligence and reputation management solutions. By shining a spotlight on vast amounts of consumer feedback, tenants learn what matters most to grow sales and build their business health.


NewMark Merrill provides free customer WiFi in common areas of select properties in an effort to increase overall dwell time and to provide further customer data and traffic patterns.

Tengo Internet logo


In addition to custom designing, deploying, and managing WiFi networks at NewMark Merrill Companies’ shopping centers, TengoInternet also provides customer traffic insights as well as excellent network support.

Creditntell is a full-service consulting firm which analyzes the financial health of hundreds of publicly and privately held retailers. Their services include a comprehensive analysis of each retailer’s financial condition, presented concisely and insightfully through their vast product assortment. In addition to their written reports, their expert analyst team is always available for further conversation to help fully integrate their insights into the NewMark Merrill merchant database of information.