At NewMark Merrill, we understand that community immersion is the key to leasing success. By combining established, scalable relationships with major national / regional retailers with our ability to identify and successfully incubate local, owner-operated businesses, NewMark Merrill not only optimizes the retail mix, but enhances the neighborhoods we inhabit. Our use of retail technology provides unparalleled advantages along with success metrics and projections for every tenant.

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Optimizing Retail

Through the integration of leasing and management and the talents of our boots-on-the-ground in-house team, NewMark Merrill takes a streamlined approach to clearing property leasing hurdles – and elevates tenant success through data optimization. This owner-centric approach allows us to structure deals that last and to treat each retailer as if our location will be their most successful.

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When we market a property for leasing, we create maximum exposure via traditional and modern real estate marketing tools including commercial MLS provider listings, robust signage, active networking and canvassing as well as social media, video-based tours and digital marketing.

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