Engaging the Community

NewMark Merrill has always been uniquely steeped in strategic and creative community engagement. We don’t just like to throw parties—we captivate our core customers with tailored events and programs that activate purchases and foster long-term community loyalty.

Little boy smiling and holding box of headphones with NMC overlay on top

Marketing Support at All Levels

Although not every property justifies a large-scale marketing budget, we are able to maximize investments to provide marketing support at all levels. Some of the strategies that we incorporate and have proven value are social media, email and digital marketing, direct mail, events, activations, pop-up shops and kids art programs.

Marketing with Meaning: By constantly measuring and evaluating our marketing programs, we can amplify what works and adjust where needed.

We’ve activated substantial online communities through digital marketing and social media creating synergy with on-site events and activities that drive qualified traffic. Giving back also plays a key role in reaching our customers. We are committed to quickly responding to the specific philanthropic needs of our communities and micro-communities.

We measure the success of our marketing programs in units that really matter:

  • Visitor counts
  • Dwell time
  • Market share
  • ROI
  • Search results
  • Online engagement
  • Center reviews
  • Tenant sales

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