Influencers in Retail

On the following pages you will find our picks of the leading influencers in the retail space. Like the rest of our influencer series, this group of retail specialists reflect special characteristics that have allowed them to make a mark on the industry. We don’t, in other words, automatically pick the biggest companies or the most prolific teams—although they certainly can be found on the following pages. Rather, we look for individuals, teams and companies that have led to significant change.

We started this project well before the coronavirus began to infiltrate the US economy. But in many ways, this list takes on a special meaning in the midst of the pandemic. With retail struggling to maintain a footing right now, the industry will need the best and the brightest to lead the way. Here are the people that we believe meet that criteria.

NewMark Merrill Companies
Sandy Sigal started earning profits as a programmer and software developer for personal computers at the age of 12. Striving to provide superior products, become more efficient and better understand his customers, Sigal leveraged his passion for technology when founding NewMark Merrill Companies in 1997. As president and CEO, Sigal has grown the company to own and operate 80 retail centers totaling more than 10 million square feet of real estate throughout California, Colorado and Illinois. Remaining at the forefront of tech leadership by seeking the best tools, Sigal aims to create a better shopping experience for customers, while making tenants more successful. In 2019 alone, he led the company to invest in 22 tech-related ventures. Within his role he oversees the strategic direction of the company, ensuring that every community improves and every tenant’s business successfully thrives with the firm’s involvement. Partnering with other technology companies, Sigal was one of the first professionals to use artificial intelligence to analyze customer traffic and compile consumer feedback information. Integrating online platforms with traditional brick and mortar business, Sigal separately co-founded BrightStreet Ventures to provide tenants and owners with additional opportunities. He is extremely active within his community and the industry as a board member and a recipient of countless recognitions, while diligently working to combat the homeless problem in Los Angeles and across the nation through affordable housing.

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