Santa is getting socially creative in this distant Christmas season

What will kids find in their stockings this COVID Christmas?
Behind plexiglass shields and colorful masks, Mr. Claus may have a harder time hearing whether kiddos have truly been naughty or nice.
Shopping malls have had to get creative this socially distant year, with everything from Santa behind a giant see-through face mask, to the big guy fully enclosed in a window-lined horse carriage.
Westfield Century City outdoor mall has two levels where kids can look down and wave at St. Nick, while the Los Angeles Christmas Market on Third Street in Los Angeles has a sleigh where children can climb in and sit with Santa, separated by thick plastic.

Yes, you can even still mail letters to the North Pole with the help of some socially distancing elves.

Noah Rouse, 11, and his sister Alena, 4, of Moorpark have their temperatures taken by Whispering-Willow Dela Cruzbefore meeting Santa at the Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks.

Santa Claus (Joseph Polselli) puts on a protective shield before meeting and being photographed at a distance withchildren at the Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks.

Evan Lane, 10, background, with sister Sydney, 7, look back to make sure their dad, Brett, with mom, Heather, is coveringhis ears so that he can’t hear Evan ask Santa (Joseph Polselli) for a specific present for his dad.