Fried chicken platter

The university village’s hottest new restaurant addition: hotties fried chicken

The University Village has recently welcomed a new addition to its growing list of restaurant venues with Hotties Fried Chicken. Hotties Fried Chicken specializes in chicken and has a very enticing menu with a spice meter ranging from no spice to mega. The restaurant is located at the edge of University Village with signs posted around for easy spotting.

When I first arrived at the restaurant, I noticed that the inside was very spacious and had no tables due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Social distancing signs were located on the floor, marking positions six feet apart from each other. The menu was very big and bright. Their menu items consisted of chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches and just about anything else chicken related. What caught my eye immediately was their truffle macaroni and cheese; I instantly knew I had to try it. Once it was my turn to order, I decided upon their one sandwich combo with a medium spice level for $10.49 and their truffle macaroni and cheese for $5.25. The total, including tax, came out to $16.96 and was a little bit on the pricier side. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic to try out the food.

After a few minutes, my order came out, and I headed off to open the box and eat my food. My first impression was that it smelled good — very good. The chicken aroma was very prominent alongside the fries. To my surprise, the fries were seasoned with cajun spice. The sandwich itself looked very delicious and for a split second almost made me forget about the item I was most eager to try: the truffle macaroni and cheese. Along with my meal came three sides of sauce similar to Raising Cane’s signature sauce, but more flavorful.

I began by eating the fries and dipping them into the sauce. The fries were nice and crispy with a crinkle cut shape that nicely held the Cajun seasoning. I instantly noticed that these fries were piping hot and freshly made. There was also a very good portion of fries, which made me happy as I knew I was getting my money’s worth. I then moved on to the macaroni and cheese. It was love at first sight, or maybe … first bite? For being served in a to-go container, the presentation was very pleasing to the eyes.

The macaroni and cheese was quite cheesy, and with each bite, one could easily taste the sauteed mushrooms that gave it a robust flavor. Although it seemed pricey to me at first, the macaroni and cheese was definitely worth it.

The sandwich was a little bit on the smaller side, so I was surprised to find how deliciously filling it was. I settled upon a medium spice level for my chicken, and it did not disappoint. The medium spice on my chicken gave it a nice kick, which surprised me as I was not expecting to reach for my drink after a bite much less acknowledge that it was spicy. Alongside the coleslaw, pickles and sauce, this sandwich made me appreciate each bite. The chicken was super juicy and flavorful, and the crunch from the chicken with each bite was heaven. The bun was nice and toasted, which is always appreciated.

Mid-bite I was struck with the fabulous idea of placing some of the macaroni and cheese inside my sandwich and was met with a flavorful and mouth-watering bite. The cheesiness of the macaroni and cheese coupled with the spiciness of the chicken balanced each other out and blended well together. Alone, each item was already delicious, but together, they created a flavor profile that made my taste buds happy. This entire meal was extremely delicious, and I can definitely see myself coming back for more in the future. Despite the food being on the expensive side I believe it is worth the money for those times you just crave some quality chicken. The star of the show was the truffle macaroni and cheese and the chicken, both of which were absolutely delicious and seriously surprised me due to the quality and quantity of food given. This is a place I can see UCR students frequenting often once campus opens up. If you’d like to try it out, Hotties Fried Chicken is open every Tuesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

From The Highlander. Click here for the full article.